King of Norway

a music short-film

King of Norway is a song by the Viennese band named Tenta. They coupled with Götz Raimund – a very ambitioned director with big ideas for their song. Without question, this has been the most complex and upscale production I was involved in and it has been an absolute pleasure working with a team of such high profession, a band that motivated and enthusiastic and a fanbase so involved. 

The plot

The King of Norway is a mighty man, but as time passed he became old and weak, thereby he lost his power and position. He reached a point at wich he cannot deny his weakness anymore. Collapsing on the ground as his daughter shows more and more strength he decides to pass on his position as the King, his descision is undermined by the ceasing of a mystic light. His daughter receives the Coat as a symbolic gesture, her juvenile energy “reignites” these mystic lights and illuminates them to their upmost. But now the time of the father has come, he looks into her eyes for one last time as he  slowly turns away and disappears into the light.


My part of this video production was to design, build and program an LED installation in cooperation with Jascha Süss. We prepared 10 8m long led stripes, totaling over 2500 individual Led’s. The structure of the light tunnel was supposed to be very organic and non-linear wich turned out to be rather difficult to program. 


The light-show has been partly pre-programmed and partly played live during the shoot. We used sound reactive elements to line out specific characteristics of the song in addition we used live elements to be able to react to cues from the director like changes of color, speed and intensity of the light.