questions about digital perception

Gold is a digital mirror. It experiences a slice of our reality, interprets it and gives back a computationally recreated vision of what enters it’s gaze. Gold plays with the idea of artificial / digital consciousness. It poses questions relevant to our time – questions concerning our digital revolution. Where do we go from here, from what science and engineering has achieved so far? Do we further our mission of doing everything that is in the realms of our possibilities or do we consciously decide to leave out certain advancements?

For us, Gold looks into the area of artificial perception. It challenges us to think about how machines / computers will perceive a human being. Will a human appear as something precious and beautiful, the way we see ourselves? Or will a human appear as a threat in the eyes of digital perception?

All of these questions will be of importance as our technological accomplishments continue coming in by the minute. With Gold we want to ask tomorrows questions today.